Alrajhi First Holding: Driving Growth and Value Creation in Saudi Arabia

About Alrajhi First Holding

Alrajhi First Holding is a prominent investment company based in Saudi Arabia. With a diverse portfolio and a strong track record, the company has established itself as a leader in the financial industry. Alrajhi First Holding focuses on various sectors including real estate, construction, healthcare, and technology. Through strategic investments and partnerships, the company aims to drive economic growth and create value for its stakeholders.

Investment Philosophy

At Alrajhi First Holding, the investment philosophy revolves around long-term value creation and sustainable growth. The company believes in thorough research and analysis to identify investment opportunities that align with its strategic objectives. By taking a disciplined and patient approach, Alrajhi First Holding aims to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

The company’s investment strategy involves diversification across different sectors and asset classes. This allows Alrajhi First Holding to capitalize on market opportunities and mitigate potential risks. By maintaining a balanced portfolio, the company can navigate through market fluctuations and generate consistent returns for its investors.

Key Focus Areas

Alrajhi First Holding focuses on several key areas to drive its growth and create value. These areas include:

Real Estate

The real estate sector is a core focus for Alrajhi First Holding. The company invests in residential, commercial, and hospitality properties, both domestically and internationally. By leveraging its expertise and network, Alrajhi First Holding identifies lucrative real estate projects and aims to generate attractive returns for its investors.


Alrajhi First Holding is actively involved in the construction industry, undertaking projects across various sectors. The company collaborates with leading contractors and developers to ensure the successful completion of projects. By investing in construction, Alrajhi First Holding contributes to the development of infrastructure and supports economic growth.


Recognizing the importance of the healthcare sector, Alrajhi First Holding has made strategic investments in healthcare facilities and services. The company aims to improve access to quality healthcare and contribute to the overall well-being of the community. Through partnerships with healthcare providers, Alrajhi First Holding seeks to enhance the healthcare infrastructure in Saudi Arabia and beyond.


Alrajhi First Holding recognizes the transformative power of technology and invests in innovative companies and startups. The company seeks opportunities in sectors such as fintech, e-commerce, and digital services. By supporting technology-driven businesses, Alrajhi First Holding aims to drive digital transformation and contribute to the growth of the digital economy.


Alrajhi First Holding is a leading investment company with a diverse portfolio and a strong commitment to long-term value creation. Through its strategic investments in real estate, construction, healthcare, and technology, the company aims to drive economic growth and generate attractive returns for its stakeholders. With a solid investment philosophy and a focus on key sectors, Alrajhi First Holding continues to play a significant role in the development of Saudi Arabia’s economy.


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